Browse from a great selection of forcible entry tools. 

Our axes and sledge section includes force axes, mauls and the Black Maxx tool.

  • Fire Hooks Roof Duo featuring Maxx Axe and Maxx Mod

    Fire Hooks Roof Duo Forcible Entry Team

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Roof Duo Forcible Entry Irons Set Two tools combined as a set for flat roof ops- a Maxx-Axe 32" and a Maxx-Mod 24". With the Maxx-Axe 32" lock slot feature, both can be carried in one hand, leaving your other hand to carry a New...

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  • Fire Hooks Unlimited Roof Pro Bar

    Roof Pro Bar

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Roof Pro Bar This 30" Pro Bar is the perfect size for venting windows below from roof level. Use a snap rope and perfect your technique.  The Roof Pro bar is a beautiful silver coated bar complete with two rings and a heavy...

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  • Newark 44 Fire Fighter Tool

    Newark 44 Multi-Purpose Hook

    Fire Hooks Newark-44 Multi Purpose Bar. A combination tool designed for overhaul and forcible entry. Has the adz and spike of the pro-bar on one end and a roof hook on the other. 44" Long. Made of Standard aircraft steel. 3 pieces. Welded head and...

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  • Fire Hooks Unlimited Maxx Axe

    Maxx Axe

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Maxx Axe is a combination lock slot axe and sledge hammer head. Excellent tool for forcible entry or roof work. Dynamic function of a sledge hammer and cutting axe. The overall weight with the handle is 10 pounds. Lock slot...

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  • Fire Hooks Talon Hook with shoulder strap Fire Hooks Talon Hook Roof Hook End

    Fire Hooks Talon Hook

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Talon Hook. A new and innovative hook from Fire Hook Unlimited for use in the fire service. Made of a special steel or fiberglass shaft covered with 28" of a no-slip fire retardant celtex grip.  On one end is the popular New...

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  • Fire Hooks Adz Bar

    Adz Bar

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Adz Bar The Adz-Bar is an innovative new tool for all operations from forcible entry, to search and overhaul. This tool is a Pro-Bar (Halligan) tool, except that an Adz replaces the traditional fork on the end of the bar...

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  • Fire Hooks Unlimited Adz Hook Adz Hook

    Adz Hook

    The Fire Hooks Unlimited Adz Hook is a NY Rook Hook head with a wide adz on the other end. All aircraft steel pole with a fire resistant grip. Great for maximum prying and penetration Lengths available: 4,5,6, 8 and 10'. Shipping is only $10.00 for...

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  • Fire Hooks Mini Pro Bar and Lil Pro Bar

    Mini Pro Bar and Lil Pro Bar

    The Mini Pro Bar is a short officer's tool version of the Pro Bar. The Lil Pro Bar is designed for the individual fire fighter and is a perfect truckie tool. Mini Pro Bar features: Diamond Knurled Grip Side A- Adz End has an "A" type lock puller and...

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  • Fire Hooks Jake Rake

    Jake Rake

    The Fire Hooks Unlimited Jake Rake 44" overhaul tool features two working ends crafted onto a hollow aircraft steel shaft.   FEATURES:  The Boston Rake end is great for pulling ceilings and walls, breaking windows, and pulling up...

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  • Fire Hooks Unlimited J-Hook Door Opener

    J-Hook Door Opener

    Designed for forcible entry, The J-Hook opens the double panic doors often found in schools, theaters and stores. The J-hook works from the exterior to open the push bar found on the inside of double doors by reaching through the reveal and engaging the...

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  • Force 3 Forcible Entry Set

    Force 3 Forcible Entry Set

    The Force 3 system allows you to carry your axe and halligan entry tools securely in one hand.  The 3 piece system consists of: An 8lb. 32" Adz-Axe with a super strong handle with a deer's hoof end. The handle has 3x the strength of a normal...

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  • Hydra Ram In closed position Hydra Ram In closed position

    Hydra Ram Hydraulic Forcible Entry Tool HR-1

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Hydra Ram Hydraulic Forcible Entry Tool. Includes Carry Case and mallet. The Hydra Ram is a pressurized hydraulic forcible entry tool that eliminates the need the separate hoses and pumps. As a lightweight one-piece unit, is it...