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Irons Sets

Browse our selection of forcible entry irons sets. Combining such tools as the force axe, Pro Bar, Fire Axe and K-tool set makes sure you are prepared with the right tools for entry every time.

  • 8 LB. flat head force axe

    Dynamic Foursome Forcible Entry Set

    The Dynamic Foursome is a forcible entry irons set comprised of an 8lb force axe, a 30" Pro Bar, a marrying strap and a K-tool kit. DYNAMITE FOURSOME FEATURES: The Force Axe is a fiberglass handle 8 lb axe with a balanced design and a contoured...

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  • Fire Hooks Unlimited Dynamic Duo with Dynamic Duo Forcible Entry Set

    Dynamic Duo Forcible Entry Set

    Fire Hooks Unlimited DYNAMIC DUO Forcible Irons Set with free shipping The ultimate firefighter forcible entry tool set. The standard set includes the Maxximus forcible entry tool and the Lock Slot 8lb Force Axe (Part: DYN-DUO).  The marrying slot...

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  • Force 3 Forcible Entry Set

    Carry your entry tools in one hand with the Force 3 forcible entry set. The kit consists of an adz axe, Pro Bar 30 with ring and a yellow marry strap. The ADZ-AXE is an 8 lbs. Force Axe with a mount for the Adz of our Pro Bar Halligan Bar Pro...

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  • Fire Hook ProMaxx forcible entry irons set

    Promaxx 24 Forcible Entry Irons Set

    The ProMaxx 24 is a combination set of the FireMaxx, a 24" Pro Bar and a reflective shoulder strap FEATURES: 14 in 1 FireMaxx multi-functional tool 24" Pro Bar Halligan Tool with two rings Reflective shoulder strap with chrome trigger snaps that...

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