Patient Transport

Fire Service plastic stretchers, soft stretchers and carriers

Our patient transport section features a variety of  easy to deploy stretchers for use in the emergency field.

Hard plastic stretchers make lifting or lowering a patient easier. Often deployed in situations with steep or rugged terrain. 
Flexible stretchers used for extracting patients from confined space or difficult to navigate spaces


  • Junkin JSA-200-B Plastic Splint stretcher

    Junkin Breakaway Splint Stretcher

    Junkin JSA-200-B Plastic Break-away Splint Stretcher The Junkin JSA-200-B is a break-away plastic stretcher that is designed to rescue injured persons from locations where lengthy foot travel is mandatory. The stretcher breaks into two halves which can...

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  • Junkin JSA-200 Basket Stretcher

    Junkin JSA-200 Plastic Stretcher

    Junkin JSA-200 Plastic Basket-Type Stretcher The Junkin JSA-200 is a plastic splint stretcher that is ideal for rugged rescue situations such as industrial, mining, or construction. It has a yellow high-density polyethylene shell that is supported by a...

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  • Stokes Basket Backpack Breakaway litter basket carrier

    Stokes Litter Basket Carrier

    Backpack Style Breakaway Litter Basket Carrier This Stokes style basket carrier has plenty of room for straps and headlocks along with the breakaway basket. Made of heavy 18 Oz rugged vinyl,  heavy duty #10 zipper closure and industrial velcro...

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  • Emergency Soft Stretcher Emergency soft stretcher storage bag

    Emergency Soft Stretcher

    182 Emercency Soft Stretcher RB Fabrications The 182 Emergency Soft Stretcher. Folds into a small profile bag and can be easily kept in a small space on any rig. Rapidly deploys and is ready when you are. A portable stretcher designed to rapidly move...

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  • The Big Roger bariatric transfer sheet Bariatric transfer Sheet bottom

    181YL Bariatric patient transfer sheet

    R&B Fabrications 181YL Bariatric Transfer Sheet Designed to be a way of transporting, moving or re-positioning the large bariatric patient in confined spaces. Used by fire departments, rescue, EMS, hospitals, and chopper transport Transfer...

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