Patient Transport

Our patient transport section features a variety of foldable, easy to deploy stretchers for use in the emergency field. Vinyl material makes for an easy to clean surface. Choose between bariatric and regular sizes.

We offer free shipping over $100.00 and accept department purchase orders.

  • Emergency Soft Stretcher Emergency soft stretcher storage bag

    Emergency Soft Stretcher

    The 182 Emergency Soft Stretcher. Folds into a small profile bag and can be easily kept in a small space on any rig. Rapidly deploys and is ready when you are. A portable stretcher designed to rapidly move patients out of a harmful or hazardous...

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  • 181YL-BB Bariatric Transfer Sheet Transfer Sheet with backboard insert

    Bariatric Transfer Sheet with Backboard Insert

    Free shipping on the 181YL-BB Bariatric Transfer Sheet with Backboard Insert DESIGNED TO BE A WAY OF TRANSPORTING, MOVING OR REPOSITIONING  THE LARGE BARIATRIC PATIENT.  Features: Constructed of two layers of 22 ounce reinforced vinyl that...

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  • Patient Transport Soft Stretcher

    Patient Transport Soft Stretcher

    The Patient transport soft stretcher is a flexible alternative to back boarding.  Patient transport soft stretchers are great for moving patients out of awkward or confined spaces especially up and down stairwells.  Stretcher made of...

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