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Radio and Pager Cases

Emergency two-way radio and pager cases.

Communication on a scene is a high level priority. Emergency personnel carry two-way radios and pagers to communicate to each other and to dispatch or at the very least be able to hear what is going on. It is important to have a way to secure your radio or pager to your body so its not lost or became a hazard but also have easy accessibility to it. 

Warrior carries a great variety of hand held radio cases with styles and features such as chest harnesses, anti sway, leather, dual radio, and personalized ones also.


  • Radio Pocket with bungee cord and velcro to secure radio

    385BK Web Radio Pocket

    385BK Radio Web Pocket Case for two-way radios. Used by Fire Departments, medical personnel, retail, hospitality staff etc. Wear it on your belt, sling it over your shoulder with optional shoulder strap, or attach it to a web harness. Fully adjustable...

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  • Dual Pager Case

    Dual Pager Case

    The dual pager carry case is the solution for those that carry two pagers. This dual case carries two pagers side by side in individual pockets Made of black MagnaTuff nylon material. Velcro closures on each of the pockets with a belt loop on the back...

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  • Dual Hand Held Radio Chest Harness

    Dual Radio Chest Harness

    This reflective Dual hand held radio chest harness has multiple pockets to keep the items you need during a crisis at hand.  FEATURES: Two adjustable radio holders.  A pouch for gloves or additional radio batteries. A small pager would...

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  • Hi Visibility Radio Case with shoulder and anti-sway strap

    HI-Viz Radio Case

    Hi Viz 2-way Radio Harness with shoulder strap and anti-sway strap keeps your communication close at hand. Fully adjustable radio harness will fit any model. Comes complete with shoulder strap and anti sway strap to hold the radio in place at all times...

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  • Open Top Pager Case Belt Loop

    Open Top Pager Case

    An open top on this pager case allows quick and easy access to volume and control channels. Fits the Minitor V and VI pagers OPEN TOP PAGER CASE FEATURES: An elastic cord with quick snap attachment secures the pager. Designed with the Minitor V,VI...

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  • Detachable ID Band Radio ID Band

    Reflective Radio ID Band

    Detachable Custom Print Reflective Radio ID Band RADIO ID BAND FEATURES: The reflective radio ID band wraps around a radio chest harness strap and allows quick identification of personnel. Completely and quickly detachable with the Velcro back...

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  • Chest Two Way Radio Harness Chest Two Way Radio Harness

    Two Way Radio & Pager Chest Harness

    Designed to be worn on the chest, this radio harness / pager holder will hold most hand held portable radios securely with it's adjustable straps. The front has a microphone strap, loops to hold excess cord, padded radio holder, small pocket that will...

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  • Two-Way Radio Stabilizer

    Two-Way Radio Stabilizer Clip one end to your radio strap and the other to your turnout gear to hold your radio in place when bending forward or even walking.  Two material choices to choose from: Thick Black Hide Leather or 1" Black Webbing...

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