SCBA Covers & Air Mask Bags

SCBA are exposed to dust and dirt even when stored in a compartment so protect your mask, fittings, and cylinders with our products.We offer a large variety of SCBA air mask bags and cylinder covers. SCBA air mask bags protect and store your mask. SCBA covers protect your air cylinders and fittings.

  • Lined SCBA mask bags
  • Mounted mask holders
  • Personalized or zippered SCBA cylinder wraps
  • Drawstring SCBA air mask bags
  • Vented SCBA air mask bag
  • SCBA air mask bags with side, top or bottom openings
  • Drawstring SCBA Mask Bag Colors Drawstring closure

    SCBA Air Mask Bag

    Drawstring style SCBA air mask bag with ID panel with keep your mask safe and identified.  Bags are 10" x 13", made of Cordura - a rugged coated material. All have speed clip, ID panel, and reflective stripe. Mask bag colors as shown: Orange, Red,...

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  • SCBA cylinder cover

    SCBA Cylinder Cover

    Identify key members with this Nomex SCBA Cylinder Cover. Wrap your SCBA cylinder in a flame resistant nomex wrap that does not interfere with operations and custom label it for no extra charge. Rapidly identify RIT/FAST or other Safety/Command...

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  • Mounted SCBA mask holder Break away SCBA Mask Holder

    Mounted SCBA Mask Holder

    Break-away Wall mounted SCBA Mask Holder provides easy access to your SCBA mask when seconds count. Optional eyeglass case to store your glasses  FEATURES: Velcro top and sides immediately open easily even with gloves on Hangs or mounts in any...

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  • Lined SCBA Air Mask Bag Lined SCBA Air Mask bag with velcro opening

    Lined SCBA Air Mask Bag

    Lined SCBA Air Mask Bag Designed to protect your air mask bag from scratches and debris Constructed of rugged coated polyester  Material with weather resistant properties Soft internal lining Top Velcro closure Includes ID window and D-Ring...

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  • Deluxe SCBA Air Mask Bag

    Deluxe Air Mask Bag

    Deluxe SCBA Air Mask Bag can also be used as a rope bag. Will hold 100' of 1/2" rope or 60' of 5/8" rope. Deluxe two-tone bag designed to protect your SCBA Air Mask from scratches and debris. This is an unlined bag. Made of...

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  • SCBA Mask Bag with Scissor Snap Hook SCBA Mask Bag with side opening

    SCBA Mask Bag with side opening

    SCBA Mask Bag with side opening and soft internal lining. Designed to protect your SCBA Mask from  scratches and debris  Constructed of rugged MagnaTuff material Side velcro opening Reflective Lime Yellow Triple Trim Scissor Hook for...

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  • Bottom Flap SCBA Air Mask Bag

    Bottom Flap SCBA Air Mask Bag

    The 426 SCBA mask has a bottom flap to hold your SCBA mask while leaving it attached to the regulator. Hangs by a spring snap. Measures  14"H x 10"W x 4"D.  Bottom Flap velcros open and shut. Comes with a clear window to slip your id...

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  • RB 425 SCBA Air Mask Bag

    425 SCBA Air Mask Bag

    The square bottom 425 Air mask bag holds your SCBA air mask. Velcro top. Universal Mount. Call for a quote on quantity orders. Air Mask Bag features: Four (4)  #1 brass grommets allow it to be hung with the flap up or down. Measures 14"H x 9"W...

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  • 418 Vented SCBA Facepiece Bag Tear away peek at the vented scba mask bag inside

    Vented SCBA Air Mask Bag

    The 418 air mask storage bag has a vented mesh side that allows air to be circulated around your SCBA mask making it dry and ready for use. Call for a quote on quantity discounts FEATURES: A velcro flapped top with pull tab makes it easy to open even...

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  • RB Fabrications 421 Vinyl SCBA Cover

    SCBA Air Pack Cover

    Stored in a compartment, an SCBA is exposed to a lot of dust and dirt as your rig travels. The 421 SCBA Air Pack Cover protects your SCBA with a rugged vinyl material. FEATURES: 1.Mounting brackets (not provided) mount inside to flat surface to hold...

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