Axes and Sledges

  • Forcible Entry and Roof Maxx Axe

    Maxx Axe

    Maxx Axe Fire Hooks Unlimited The Maxx Axe is a combination lock slot axe and sledge hammer head. Excellent tool for forcible entry or roof work. Dynamic function of a sledge hammer and cutting axe. The overall weight with the handle is 10 pounds...

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  • Note the halligan slot Note the halligan slot

    Black Maxx Forcible Entry Tool

    Fire Hooks Black Maxx The Black Maxx forcible entry tool is a hydrid sledge/maul with an 8.5 pound striking-force head with a pointed blade cutter. It's a great tool for forcible entry and roof work. Short enough with a nice hefty head to swing...

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  • Fire Hooks All Axe Roof Set

    All Axx Roof Axe

    The ALL-AXX is an 11 pound steel handled roof axe with a 6 lb. pickhead on one end and a halligan fork on the other. Designed for the roof, the 6 lb. blade can make a crevice so the fork can fit in the bulkhead door. The spike can be used as a handle to...

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  • Fire Hooks 8 lb force axe

    8 lb Force Axe

    Fire Hooks 8 lb Force Axe. NEW!  We have upgraded our 8 LB FORCE AXE with a new triple-reinforced interior fiberglass rod, three times larger and stronger than any competitor's handle sold in the fire market today, plus a foam covering in yellow or...

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  • Pro Bar Splitting Maul Set with reflective shoulder strap and marry strap

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Pro Bar Splitting Maul Set

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Pro Bar Splitting Maul Set. This complete entry system contains the Adz Splitting Maul, 30" Pro Bar and Marrying Strap with Reflective shoulder strap. The Pro Bar fits snugly into the adz bracket on the splitting maul and the...

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  • Force Axe with Adz bracket side Force Axe with Adz Bracket top

    Force Axe with Adz Bracket

    Force Axe with Adz Bracket This heavier 8 LB Axe provides a larger striking surface and more force per swing 32" yellow fiberglass handle with deer hoof shaped end Handle is 3x the strength of a regular axe handle The Adz bracket on top of the axe...

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