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Axes and Sledges

  • 8 lb Force Axe

    With it's balanced design the weight of the Force Axe puts some force in your swing and is the ideal tool for forcible entry. The contoured head offers a large strike surface and can be used as a wedge if necessary. Dimensions: 32" Fiberglass handle...

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  • Fire Hooks All Axe Roof Set

    All Axx Roof Axe

    The ALL-AXX is an 11 pound steel handled roof axe with a 6 lb. pickhead on one end and a halligan fork on the other. Designed for the roof, the 6 lb. blade can make a crevice so the fork can fit in the bulkhead door. The spike can be used as a handle to...

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  • Note the halligan slot Note the halligan slot

    Black Maxx Forcible Entry Tool

    The BlackMaxx is a hydrid sledge/maul with an 8.5 pound striking-force head with a pointed blade cutter. It's a great tool for forcible entry and roof work. Short enough with a nice hefty head to swing baseball bat style into opposing doors, locks...

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  • Force Axe with Adz bracket side Force Axe with Adz Bracket top

    Force Axe with Adz Bracket

    Force Axe with Adz Bracket This heavier 8 LB Axe provides a larger striking surface and more force per swing 32 ounce yellow fiberglass handle with deer hoof shaped end Handle is 3x the strength of a regular axe handle The Adz bracket on top of the...

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