Warrior Fire has a great selection of RIT bags and nozzle covers to suit your department needs. Choose from rugged bags with weather resistant bottoms, air cylinder and tool bags, tool and rope bags. We have the option of adding a custom print panel to some of our products. Free shipping over $100.00 and we accept department purchase orders.

  • Custom Print Nozzle Cover

    RIT Nozzle Cover

    RIT Nozzle Cover The Nozzle Covers allows you to dedicate a line for RIT/FAST operations.  NOZZLE COVER FEATURES: Cover has adjustable drawstring closure and fits all size nozzles. Made of a tough polyester fabric with PVC backing and water...

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  • 888RD RIT Rapid Air Bag RIT Bag Label

    RIT Rapid Air Transport Bag with Tuff Bottom

    With a trapped rescuer in need of air the 888RD R.A.T. (Rapids Air Transport) Bag will help provide an emergency air cylinder to the trapped rescuer. FEATURES: Constructed of 22 oz. vinyl coated nylon and virtually indestructible Tuff Bottom, the...

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  • 887RD RIT Bag with Molded Rigid Bottom Tuff Bottom

    887RD RIT Equipment Bag with Tuff Bottom

    RB Fabrications 887RD RIT Bag. A versatile deluxe RIT bag that can be set up for tools only or as a carrier for supplemental air supplies for RIT operations. Has a molded plastic bottom to keep bag out of messes. FEATURES: Two inside pockets are...

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  • Columbus RIT Bag Inside pockets

    Columbus Rit Bag

    RB Fabrications 885 Columbus RIT bag The Columbus RIT bag is a portable air supply storage system that has room for your SCBA cylinder and RIT equipment. This eye catching blue color also features hi-viz pull straps on the zippers for easy access and...

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  • Ultimate Fast Air Bag Back

    Ultimate Fast Air Bag

    The Ultimate RIT Bag is an enhanced version of our RIT/FAST Air Bag with a nozzle knockout hole near the zipper on both ends. We've added an additional zipper slider so that it can be opened from either end. The inside of the bag has been fitted...

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  • Red FAST / RIT Bag Smooth Back of bag for an easy drag

    RIT FAST Air Bag

    The RIT / FAST Air Bag has all the features you need to carry air and tools needed for a downed firefighter intervention. Rapid Intervention Teams go by various names in different parts of the country – RIT, Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC),...

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  • RIT Equipment Bag with carry strap Heavy Duty Zippers

    RIT Team Gear Bag with Rigid Bottom

     RIT200 Gear Team Bag with rigid bottom and rails Best selling RIT bag Bag has rigid bottom with rails for protection from ground elements and to support tool weight Comfort grip handle 3 mini pockets on the inside Large zippered pocket on...

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  • Combo RIT Rope & Tool Bag Combo RIT Rope & Tool Bag

    Combo RIT Rope & Tool Bag

    RIT Combo Tool & Rope Bag designed to hold your RIT tools and up to 200' of 9mm rescue rope. Heavy duty zipped top.  Bag holds up to 200' of 9mm rescue rope. Bag has carabiner to hold rope in place.  Padded shoulder strap and grab...

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