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Rescue and Medical Backpacks

Transport your medical or rescue gear with these balanced simple loading backpacks. Choose from our tactical medical backpack, with our without molle pouches, trauma packs and medical back packs with oxygen cylinder space. Designed for first responders, medics and law enforcement personnel.

  • Rear View 371 Tactical Medical Backpack

    371BK-E Tactical Medical Back Pack

    371BK-E Tactical Medical Backpack without pouches.  A true tactical medic rescue backpack with a wide variety of uses and the ability to transform to multiple configurations for maximum flexibility.  FEATURES: Main compartment is fully...

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  • 375 Mega Trauma Pack 1 375 Mega Trauma Pack inside

    375 Mega Trauma Pack

    The 375 Mega Trauma pack is a large pack fitted with many pockets and compartments to store your supplies.   Multiple ways to carry: Web carry handle Shoulder strap with chest and waist straps. Multiple compartments and pockets...

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