Find hose straps to make carrying your fire equipment easier at Warrior Fire. From hose straps to fire extinguisher straps we have the best selection. We also carry glove straps, forcible entry tool straps and leather hose jackets. Free shipping over $100.00

  • Universal Bottle Carrier

    Universal Bottle Carrier

    This universal carry strap helps making carrying bottles or other cylinder shaped objects easier. Made up of 2" heavy black webbing with an 11" handle. Fits any size cylinder up to 16" diameter with adjustable velcro straps. Perfect for oxygen bottles...

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  • DD-100 Double Donut Strap in use Double Donut Strap hose carrier

    Double Donut Strap

    Use this Double Donut Hose Strap to make carrying your 1 3/4" fire hose easier. Straps wrap around the coiled hose and it has a shoulder carry strap for easy pickup and transport . Hose can be stacked in compartments without unwinding with these straps...

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  • Turnout Gear Carry Strap Turnout Gear Carry Strap

    Turnout Gear Carry Strap

    This Turnout Gear Carry Strap is designed for the minimalist and will carry a full set of gear while allowing it dry quicker than is stored inside a bag.   HOW IT WORKS: Boots and bunker pants are placed side by side with your coat laying on top...

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  • Milwaukee Strap Cleveland Grip high rise hose pack with shoulder strap Milwaukee hose strap high rise hose carrier

    Milwaukee Strap Cleveland Grip Hose Carrier

    The Milwaukee Strap MS-CHLG Cleveland Hose Lay is a clever hose pack that is designed to easily deploy in tight spaces while eliminating hose kinking.  Minimal man power is required to deploy the hose.  FEATURES: Made of 2" nylon webbing...

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  • LDH-01 Large diameter hose hydrant strap Large Diameter Hose Strap

    Large Diameter Hose Strap

    The  Large Diameter Hose Strap  assists in getting large diameter hose off the hose bed for attachment to a water source safely and allowing the engine to proceed for fire operations. FEATURES:  Constructed of 3" nylon webbing, with a...

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  • Irons Set Sling locks together a force axe and a halligan Forcible Entry Irons Sling

    Iron Sling

    The IRS-125 Irons Sling is designed to lock together an axe and a halligan bar to carry your irons hands free. IRONS SLING FEATURES: This perfectly balanced sling lets you carry both tools hands free.  Climbing and moving is now faster and safer...

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  • Leather Hose Jacket

    Leather Hose Jacket

    This black leather hose mender is used to temporarily stop leaks in fire hose. Use in the field on your leaking line without shutting down operations. Made of thick black leather with riveted straps and four steel buckles Options: Regular for 2...

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  • Scba cylinder strap carry SCBA Cylinder Strap Handle

    SCBA Cylinder Strap

    SCBA Bottle Carrier.  The addition of a rugged carry handle on these SCBA cylinder straps makes all the difference. One of our most popular items.  Use the cylinder straps to carry carry SCBA bottles to remote or high rise locations. Slip the...

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  • Fire Extinguisher Carry Straps Fire Extinguisher Shoulder strap

    Fire Extinguisher Carry Strap

    The fire extinguisher carrier straps around your fire extinguisher and allows you to carry the extinguisher with the shoulder strap or a carry handle FEATURES: Adjustable detachable shoulder strap comes with lime reflective triple trim and heavy duty...

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  • HS-100 Fire Hose Strap HS-100 Hose Strap in use

    HS-100 Hose Strap for 100' 1 3/4" hose

    The reflective HS-100 hose strap will hold 100' of double jacket 1 3/4" fire hose, keeping it organized and ready for easy deployment. Easy to carry with luggage style grips. HOSE STRAP FEATURES: One piece strap unit consisting of four quick release...

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  • Hose Vise 200 HOV-200 hose strap in use

    HOV-200 Hose Vise 200 Hose Carrying System

    The latest innovation in hose carrying devices, The Hose Vice 200 allows for a single-man or two-person carry. HOSE VICE FEATURES: An adjustable, removable carry strap that is long enough for a to carry the load across the body for better...

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