Personal Escape

  • Atlantic Premium Bail Out Bag Atlantic Premium Bail Out Bag

    Atlantic Premium Bail Out Bag

    The reflective premium Atlantic Bail Out Bag holds 50' of 8mm rope. Side pockets secure a carabiner and descender with velcro strap. Also includes webbing loop on front.  Includes lime/silver triple trim on the front and belt loops on the back...

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  • Personal Escape Rope Bag Personal Escape Rope Bag

    Personal Escape Rope Bag

    This reflective sturdy rope bag holds 50' of 8mm rope and has a velcro enclosure to attach to any strap you have on your body. SCBA, belt etc. Grommets in the middle of the bag for drainage, ventilation or rope feed. Lime reflective Scotchlite triple...

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  • Webbing Storage Pouch front Webbing Storage Pouch back

    Webbing Storage Pouch

    This reflective storage pouch will hold up to 25' life rated webbing or up to 50' tubular webbing. Uses for having webbing handy include: Securing a door As a hose strap Great Tool Hoist Self Rescue Securing a patient Drag device for downed...

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  • Escape System Pocket Bag with tools Escape System Pocket Bag Top

    Escape System Pocket Bag

    Escape System Pocket Bag.Contents not included.  The ESPB has been designed to be placed in a firefighters Bunker Pant or Turnout Coat pocket. It is a "Universal" bag for either the right or left side pockets and also capable of being used with the...

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