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Staging Mats and Tarps

Quickly establish a staging site and organize your equipment with our mats and tarps. Warrior Fire Equipment offers a large variety of staging mats to organize and protect your equipment on scene. Free shipping over $100.00.  Choose from task specific mats such as

  • SCBA and Tool mats
  • RIT Staging mats
  • Extrication Tool Mats
  • Hazmat Equipment Mats
  • Rescue Struts and Airshore Mats
  • Salvage Covers
  • Fire Safety Mat
  • Personalized staging mats


  • Mat One 3 piece staging mat 1078 3 piece staging mat for extrication tools, hooks etc.

    3 Piece Staging Mat

    Mat One 1078-3 3-piece Staging Mat easily fits a variety of tools, ropes and EMS equipment. We offer free shipping on orders over $100.00. 3 staging mats in one~Each one velcros together. Use alone or separately 1.Ribbed storage area for air...

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  • Custom Label Staging Mat

    Custom Printed Staging Mats are made of durable, 18-oz vinyl. Center ID Panel “STAGING” is black print on a 3M® Scotchlite™ reflective panel. Center ID Panel can be any custom words (19 characters or less) for no additional cost;...

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  • RIT Staging Mat

    Custom Print RIT Staging Mat

    Totally customize this RIT staging mat with your own wording (up to 5 letters or numbers) and colors if you desire. RIT Staging Mat with 5ft x 7ft section for tools and 5ft x 3ft area for air cylinders. Pleated design keeps cylinders from rolling...

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  • 5 Piece Extrication Kit with Victim Cover Extrication Mat labeled Hand and Power Tools

    Deluxe Extrication Kit with Rescue Cover

    Be prepared for any extrication scene with this 5 piece extrication kit. Labeled extrication mat to organize your equipment, 2 bags set to immediately deploy your cribbing, a rabbit tool bag and an extrication victim cover. Extrication kit...

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  • Extrication Cover Extrication Cover Carry Strap

    Extrication Rescue Victim Cover

    Extrication Cover Mat provides victims with an excellent way to cover themselves during extrication. They may need to be shielded from breaking glass, covered from on-lookers or protected from the elements. The attention to detail on this mat such as...

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  • Extrication Tool Staging Mat 4001 Extrication Staging Mat

    Extrication Tool Staging Mat

    Highly visible staging mat provides a large work area for your extrication tools. FEATURES: Features sections for Hand & Power Tools, Cutters & Spreaders, Rams, and Cribbing Each section is embroidered and labeled for long lasting...

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  • Purple Haz Mat staging mat Hazmat tool staging mat

    HazMat Equipment Staging Mat

    Purple is the univeral color for HazMat equipment and you can establish a large area for all of your HazMat materials and tools with this weather resistant vinyl staging mat. Staging Mat details: Great for staging equipment or decon Carrying strap for...

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  • Rescue Strut staging mat Pleated section

    Rescue Struts Staging Mat

    The Rescue Struts and Air Shores Staging Mat will help you organize your tools on scene and help keep things off from the ground. Rescue strut staging mat features: A pleated section and a large open area for staging tools etc Comes with a...

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  • RIT Gear Staging Mat Rit Staging Team Mat

    RIT Staging Team Mat

    Organize all of your RIT gear with our RIT Staging Team Mat. This large mat is perfect for RIT, RIC and FAS teams.  RIT Gear Staging Mat features: Constructed of a waterproof 18 oz Blue RipStop Vinyl Features three separate sections clearly...

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  • Salvage Cover

    Ground Cover Mats protect portable water tanks from sharp objects on the ground. Can also be used as a salvage cover to protect property from damage during fire fighting. Made of durable, 18-oz RipStop vinyl. Dimensions: 5' long x 10' wide Colors:...

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  • Avon MFG 1070 SCBA  Staging Mat 1070 Customized

    SCBA Air Bottle Mat

    Unfold the SCBA Air Cylinder Bottle Mat on scene and keep your full SCBA cylinders separate from your empty ones. The color coded sides are clearly marked EMPTY or FULL. Free shipping This convenient fold-up mat keeps your air cylinders clean and...

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