Almost every scene demands the presence of  a medical bag carrying an oxygen cylinder.  Warrior Fire offers the best quality oxygen and trauma bags to help. Dependable and built to last, styles medic bags with wheels, oxygen roll bags with extra pockets for accessories and trauma bags with removable inserts. 

  • RB A650X Mega Medic Bag-Rear A650X Mega Medic Roller Bag

    A650X Mega Medic Roller Bag

    The A650X  Mega Medic’s Roller Bag is mounted on an external wheeled frame that that boasts 2” ground clearance, 13” wheel base and a two stage handle that can extend to 44”.  All this adds up to a bag that stays clean...

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  • Oxygen Tank Carry bag protects and transports O2 Carry bag for tank, regulator and supplies

    Pacific Coast 101 O2 Carrying Bag

     The Pacific Coast 101 O2  carrying bag helps protect your oxygen cylinder and provides an easy way to carry it. Oxygen cylinder carry bag features: Fully padded to carry an oxygen cylinder, regulator and accessories.  Padded with...

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  • 860OR Multi-Pro Trauma Pack Trauma Pack with removable pouches

    860OR Multi-Pro Trauma Pack

    The 860 Multi-Pro Trauma Pack has removable fold out color-coded pockets with a clear vinyl window to easily spot and remove the supplies you need. FEATURES: An ABS molded plastic liner provides protection to contents and is designed to accommodate a...

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  • 838GR-PKT Oxygen Roll Bag with Pocket 838GR-PKT Oxygen Roll Bag with Pocket

    838GR-PKT Oxygen Roll Bag with Pocket

    838GR-PKT Oxygen Roll Bag with Pocket The 838GR-PKT has the same features as the 838GR with the addition of a side pocket measuring 21"long x 7"tall x 2"deep.  This allows for additional storage of items such as canulas, oxygen masks, tubing, etc...

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  • r&b fabrications 838GR oxygen storage bag RB Fabrications: 838GR Oxygen Roll Bag

    RB Fabrications: 838GR Oxygen Roll Bag

    Fully padded with handles running fully under the bag this oxygen roll bag can handle your cylinder, regulator and accessories. OXYGEN BAG FEATURES: Padded with a high density foam Has a removable liner for ease of cleaning 6 pockets on the inside...

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