Tool Bags

Warrior Fire has a great selection of tool bags to choose from:

  • Belt Tool Pouches

  • High Rise Tool Bags

  • Rabbit Tool Bags

  • Forcible Entry Tool Bags

  • Turnout Gear Pocket Tool Bags

  • 444YL Stand Pipe Tool Bag Stand Pipe Tool Bag

    Stand Pipe Kit Tool Bag

    RB Fabrications 444YL Standpipe Bag The Stand Pipe Bag is designed to be open at the top for easy access to your tools even with gloved hands. This bag will hold your typical tools needed for a stand pipe setup. Pipe Wrench, spanner wrench, pressure...

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  • 446 Small Tool Bag 446 Small Tool Bag

    Tuff Bottom Tool Bag

    The Tuff Bottom Tool Bag is designed with an open top to make it easy to get to the items inside without the hindrance of flaps and zippers for gloved hands. These bags have superior durability and are extremely lightweight. Tool Bag...

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  • Mini Tool Bag Colors Vinyl Mini Tool Bag in Blue

    Mini Tool Bag

    This mini tool bag will corral all of your tool bits and pieces. Sturdy construction makes this bag a winner. Vinyl helps keeps the moisture off. FEATURES: Constructed of 18 oz RipStop vinyl 22"L x 7"W x 2.5"H 3 colors available: Green, Red or...

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  • Green Foldable Tool Pouch Orange Turnout gear pocket organizer

    Fire Fighter Foldable Tool Pouch

    This vinyl turnout gear pocket pouch is perfect for carrying your tools in one handy and organized place. FEATURES: Constructed of 18 oz RipStop Vinyl. It's impervious to wet conditions 8"W x 7"H . Can fit into most turnout gear...

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  • Vinyl High Rise Tool Bag with Tuff Bottom

    High Rise Tool Bag

    775YL High Rise Tool Bag Fit the tools and adapters you need for high rise operations in this sturdy vinyl yellow High Rise Tool Bag. FEATURES: Tuff rigid vinyl bottom for durability Velcro closure on top for fast access even with your gloves...

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  • HP700 High Rise Tool Pack HP 700 High Rise Tool Pack inside

    Padded Divided High Rise Tool Pack

    Protect your equipment from damage with this padded high rise tool bag.  It has the capacity to hold two 60-degree elbows, a 2.5" line gauge, spanner wrenches, short lengths of 2.5" hose and multiple hinge hooks.  Padded divided high rise tool...

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  • Avon Big City High Rise Tool Bag in Red Big City High Rise Tool Bag in Black

    Big City Tool Bag

    A Rugged Big City High Rise Tool Bag for carrying your tools. Big enough for all your nozzles. wrenches, gauges etc. Military grade nylon ballistic bottom stop sharp edges from poking through and distributes weight of tools around. Reinforced...

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  • Hurst Rabbit Tool Carry Bag Railed bottom

    Small Rabbit Tool Bag

    A smaller, sleeker version of our Rabbit Tool Bag designed to hold the Hurst Rabbit Tool. Fits great into trucks with a narrower cabinet depth. TOOL BAG FEATURES: Constructed of 18oz RipStop vinyl with a hard bottom with rails to evenly...

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  • Hurst Rabbit Tool Bag in blue or yellow Bottom Rails for added strength

    Rabbit Tool Duffel Bag

    This rabbit tool duffel bag will fit any of the Hurst specialty tools: Rabbit Tool, Mini Hand Pump and Mini Cutter. The rigid bottom rails help prevents sag and supports the weight of the tool SPECS: At Size: 16"l X 10"w X 10"h this bag will easily...

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  • Large turnout gear pocket bag open Small Bag in black

    Roll-Up Turnout Pocket Tool Bag

    The Vinyl Roll-Up Turnout Gear Pocket Tool Bag keeps all the tools you need ready for quick access. Simply unroll bag to access items quickly even with gloves on. The Velcro tabs are easy to operates even with gloves on.  TOOL BAG...

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  • Turnout Gear pocket organizer Turnout Gear pocket organizer

    Turnout Gear Pocket Tool Bag

    This Turnout Gear Pocket Tool Bag organizes your pocket tools and protects your pockets from rips and tears caused by sharp tools. Divided pockets make your tools easy to find. Fits right inside your turnout gear pocket. Lift open the flap and your...

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