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Fire Extinguisher Bags

Carry your fire extinguisher with ease and safety in mind with our extinguisher carry bags. Available with reflective trim and carry straps. We offer free shipping over $100.00.

  • Fire Extinguisher Bag Front Fire Extinguisher Bag Top

    Fire Extinguisher Bag with outside pocket

    This handsome fire extinguisher carry bag will make it easy to store and carry your water can style extinguisher. Instead of straps this  bag fully seats the extinguisher for added security.  Fitting any size water can extinguisher this bag...

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  • Fire Extinguisher Carry Straps Shoulder strap

    Fire Extinguisher Carry Strap

    The fire extinguisher carrier straps around your fire extinguisher and allow you to carry the exinguisher with the shoulder strap or a carry handle FEATURES: Adjustable detachable shoulder strap comes with lime reflective triple trim and heavy duty...

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  • Fire Extinguisher Carrier

    Water Can Carrier

    Easily carry your water can extinguisher with this neon yellow harness. CARRY SLING FEATURES: Soft rubber carry grip Adjustable shoulder strap Wt. 44 oz 

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