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The Pro Bar Halligan Tool comes in a variety of options including size preference. Choose from additions such as rings or shoulder straps or modifications like the hammer head or the wide adz Pro Bar.

  • Force Wedge Married with a Pro Bar

    Aluminum Force Wedge

    Use the aluminum force wedge along with a halligan tool to create a gap while forcing a door during forcible entry operations. Tap in the wedge with the butt end of your halligan bar creating a gap for the adz portion of your halligan to slip into...

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  • Fire Hooks Unlimited Farr Bar

    Farr Bar Forcible Entry Tool

    The Farr Bar is a forcible entry tool with a combination of roof hook on one end and a halligan type fork on the other. Comes with a Celtex grip Two welded rings and a reflective shoulder strap Three options: 36" Farr bar 48" Farr bar 48"...

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  • Kelly Tool

    The Kelly Tool is essentially like a halligan bar without the pike. Used in forcible entry. Side A: The adz Force open windows and interior doors Pick up roof saw cuts Door trim and siding removal Removal of door knobs and cylinder...

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  • Fire Hooks Maxximus Bar Halligan Fork End

    Maxximus Forcible Entry Halligan Tool

    MAXXIMUS Forcible Entry Halligan Bar. The next generation halligan bar The Maxximus is the ultimate Halligan Bar and is lighter than the Pro-Bar.  The Maxximus has a unique T.P.R. grip for a sturdy handle while using this tool.  Other features...

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  • Maxximus Rex Forcible Entry Tool Maxximus Rex Fork End

    Maxximus Rex Forcible Entry Tool

    The MAXXIMUS REX Forcible Entry Halligan Bar is nearly 2 lbs. lighter than the Pro-Bar Halligan.  The MAXXIMUS is the next generation of Forcible Entry Bars.  It is the ultimate Halligan Bar and is lighter than the Pro-Bar.  The Maxximus...

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  • Pro Bar Maul with Sledge Set

    PRO 8-M28-B Adz Bar Pro Splitting Maul Set

    The Pro Bar Maul Set with sledge is a  forcible entry tool set combining the Pro Bar and maul (sledge hammer) which nestle snugly together along with a reflective shoulder strap. Great for a truck or rescue company. Kit contains: 30" Pro Bar 8...

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  • pro bar forcible entry bar Pro Bar 30

    Pro Bar 30

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Pro Bar 30 The Halligan type Pro Bar 30 is the most utilized forcible entry tool in the fire and rescue service today.  Industry standard at 30" Made from drop forged aircraft steel Nickle plated  The 36", 42" and...

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  • Truckman's personal forcible entry tool

    Truckman's Forcible Entry Tool

    The Truckman's Tool is a personal forcible entry tool with an "A" type lock puller on one end and a fork on the other end.  Many fire fighters prefer to carry in their own preferred forcible entry tools in addition to department issued ones. The...

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  • Wide Ad Wide Adz Pro Bar

    Wide Adz Pro Bar

    The Wide-Adz Pro-Bar is a one-piece, drop-forged air craft steel bar with an added feature: an additional 1-inch to the 2-inch Adz for a total of 3-inches in width! This modification increases the strike surface, making inward forcible entry a breeze...

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